About me
I love painting!  I am completely absorbed by the process - the looking, discovering, mixing colors,
applying paint to brush, and brush to canvas.
My inspiration comes from subjects that I find beautiful and interesting for their colors, shapes, and
And, sometimes, my silly sense of humor will show up in my paintings.

I hope that in viewing my work, people will find the beauty and fun that I feel in the world around us.

I grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb near Chicago.  Sewing since I was 10 yrs old, I moved
to California and got my degree in Apparel Design.  I've been a patternmaker in the garment industry
for 25 years. But In 1995 I took a painting class and loved it so much I went back to school and
earned my BFA from UC Davis in 1999.

Most of my paintings are available in Giclee prints on canvas.  These prints are so good that
sometimes I make prints for myself  when I sell the original painting!
Prints are available the same size, or smaller than the original.

8x10  $40
9x12  $50
11x14  $75
16x20  $160
18x18  $160
16x24  $190
20x20  $200
24x18  $215
24x24  $285
20x30  $300
22x28  $310
24x30  $360
30x30  $450

All images are protected by copyright law
©Diane Kostelec 2009